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Sell more, using NetFinder data

Rhetorik Solutions provides the UK's No.1 database of ICT end users.

NetFinder is a unique marketing database profiling the IT & telecoms infrastructure of over 27,000 sites in the UK, with further access to around 200,000 European sites and a million IT and senior management contacts.

For over 20 years Rhetorik has built an unparalleled reputation for market knowledge and database marketing expertise. Through our research, business intelligence tools and NetFinder database, we help our clients understand, target and build relationships with ICT decision-makers.  Start making selling easier and contact the ICT data experts today!

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3 steps to success

NetFinder Database

Start with the right data...


Segment and target sales and marketing like never before. Target the right IT decision-making contacts with the clean and accurate contact data and personal email addesses.



Make your data work harder...


Get qualified leads, tenders and news pumping lifeblood into your sales pipeline. Select from 8 technology areas to be alerted daily, focusing on leads that best match for your solution.

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Data Services

Shape your data strategy...

Inside -intelligence -db

Optimise your lead generation performance with our new data match, merge and dedupe service. Transform the way you manage client relationships today!

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